🙉Monkey Legends (Gen 3)

Next Gen Legendary Avatars, by Monkey Kingdom, Metaverse ready. Welcome to the Kingdom.

Total Supply:


Launch Date:

15 Apr 2022



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Monkey Legends consists of 7,000 male and female avatars featuring traits and powers based on the legendary mythical figure Sun Wukong. They are designed to be fully customisable, Metaverse-ready, and support whole new experiences. This includes exclusive access into our Metaverse world - Kingdomverse.

Monkey Legends were made available to the public through whitelist minting and are still available to holders by breeding their Genesis Collection.

Gen 3 Minting

There are 3 ways to mint a Gen 3:

  • Whitelist mint (4,000 supply)

  • Breeding (Max 4,442 supply)

  • Claiming with PEACH (Remaining supply)

Minting through these 3 methods will form the total supply of 7,000 Monkey Legends.

Whitelist Mint

All 4,000 Monkey Legends were minted on 15 Apr 2022 at a price of 0.3 ETH each.


Up to 4,442 Monkey Legends can be minted by breeding male Wukongs (Gen 1) with female Diamond Baepes (Gen 2).

Learn all about breeding here.

Claiming with $PEACH

(Not available yet) Remaining Monkey Legends will be minted and can be claimed with PEACH.

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