Brand Font

Press Start 2P is a bitmap font based on the font design from 1980s Namco arcade games. It works best at sizes of 8px, 16px and other multiples of 8. We utilities the original font in Regular in our headers across all applications. When using Press Start 2P across our brand materials, the font can be used in both all caps and title case upon approval, and brand name should always be stylised in title case regardless of font.

Body Font

Roboto is the go to font for google ui and for android, and therefore gives a good tech background and feel just by visual association. Its grotesque construction means it retains the original evolutionary touch from the calligraphic-derived serifs to give our tech brand a more human element. The not too round curves that have a more elliptical shape and the medium aperture for the rounds work well to contrast the wide set but very angular header font.

Applying our typography

Whenever we use our brand name in written context as part of a sentence or a block of text, our brand name should always be stylised in title case โ€˜Monkey Kingdomโ€™, regardless of font. This draws a connection between regular display of our brand name and our logo, and works to improve overall brand recognition.

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