Holders successfully migrated between 27 Feb - 15 Mar 2023 are eligible to claim their Gen 1 NFTs inscribed to Bitcoin Ordinals with 5000 $PEACH.
If you are new to Ordinals, read our educational tweet on Ordinals 101:
The team has researched and chose XVerse as the BTC Wallet as our recommendation for Wukong Ordinals Claim. (It is totally up to you if you already have existing working Ordinals BTC Wallets.

Why XVerse?

  • Simple to Use & Nice UI (User Interface)
  • They've been around for sometime, and they primarily work on BTC
  • Chrome Extension available (Similar experiences such as Metamask & Phantom)
  • Mobile App available
  • And of course, Ordinals Ready


  1. 1.
    All the registration process is straight forward much like Metamask & Phantom. Download your mobile wallet or chrom extension here. We're confident that you guys can set one up easily.
  1. 2.
    After downloading the wallet, remember to turn on "Ordinals NFTs".
  1. 3.
    Click on the icon with 4 squares, and click "Receive" to reveal your Ordinals wallet address.

Other Wallet Options


Do note that, there's two SEPARATE addresses. One for Bitcoin Transactions, and another one for Ordinals Transactions.
Sample of Bitcoin Transaction Address
Sample of Ordinals Transaction Address
Ordinal Addresses always starts with "bc1p"
That's all! After creating your new wallet, you can head back to to register your Ordinals Address for our upcoming Wukong Ordinals NFT Drop.