👶Breeding Mechanics


Breeding allows you to mint a Gen 3 instantaneously. All you need to do is to follow the magic equation above. But before you do that, make sure you read the following content!

Breeding Availability

The first step is check on the breeding quota of your Gen 1 or 2.

This step is especially important for those who are keen on buying our Genesis Collection for breeding!

To check your Gen 1 breeding quota, click here.

To check your Gen 2 breeding quota, click here.

After arriving at the website, simply search for your NFT by its ID#. Specifically, you are looking for both Gen 1 and Gen 2s with at least one available breeding slot.

Rarity Breeding

The second step is to understand how the rarity (skin) of your Gen 1 & 2s can affect your Gen 3s during the breeding process.

A rare skin Gen 1 is defined as having a Zombie, Gold, or an Alien skin; Gen 2 as having a Pink, Gold, or White skin.

When you combine a rare skin Gen 1 or 2 with another Gen 1 or 2, you can directly affect the outcome of their offspring!

Let's use some examples to illustrate:

[Breeding Formula] Gen 1 + Gen 2 + Magic Peach = Gen 3

[Result 1] Alien Gen 1 + Gold Gen 2 + Magic Peach = Alien White Gen 3

[Result 2] Zombie Gen 1 + Pink Gen 2 + Magic Peach = Zombie Pink Gen 3

How are all these combinations determined? Simply by following the breeding table below.

Breeding Table

This breeding table illustrates the probabilities of your Gen 3's skin when using normal (pink) Magic Peaches to breed.

Magic Peach

The final part of the breeding equation requires you to have a Magic Peach NFT. This part of the equation affects the gender as well as the rarity of your Gen 3 so read carefully!

The Magic Peach is a NFT that exists on Solana and should not be confused with $PEACH our native ecosystem token!


Each Magic Peach NFT has a trait of either 'Unity' or 'Faith'. If you use a peach with the trait 'Unity' during breeding, you will breed a male Gen 3. Conversely if you use a peach with the trait 'Faith', you will breed a female Gen 3.

Golden Peach Mechanic 1

When a rare skin parent breeds with a normal skin parent, a Golden Peach will improve the chances of breeding a rare skin Gen 3 by 20%.

Let's use an example to illustrate:

According to the breeding table, when a Zombie skin Gen 1 breeds with a Normal skin Gen 2, the probability of having a Zombie skin Gen 3 using a normal Magic Peach is 50%. A Golden Peach will increase this chance to 70%.

Golden Peach Mechanic 2

When a Golden Peach is used when two normal skin parents breed OR when a rare skin parent breeds with a normal skin parent but fails to produce a rare skin offspring, the resultant Gen 3 will inherit a 'Glow' skin.

Legendary Peach Mechanic

A Legendary Peach will guarantee a 1/1 Legendary Gen 3, regardless of the parents' skin.

If you are in possession of an ultra-rare Legendary Peach, you should simply use your normal skin monkeys to breed.

Bye Bye Peach

Finally, when a Magic Peach NFT is used for breeding, it is burnt.

Bringing It All Together

Now that you have understood all the mechanics behind breeding, it is time to see how the magic actually happens. Onwards to the breeding machine!

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