MonkeyBids is a decentralized auction house that holds auctions for both physical and digital goods. Operated by Monkey Kingdom, this platform will use its own native token called BID. BID, an EVM ecosystem token, will allow users of MonkeyBids to undergo a seamless and effective bidding experience for a variety of online auctions.

MonkeyBids offers various types of auctions, including English, Dutch, Reverse, and a reimagined version of a Penny auction called the Degen Auction. Additional auction types may be integrated onto the platform at a later stage. All of which will bring about transparency during the entire auction process.

Our platform is designed to host auctions for both NFTs and physical products. We work with our advisors, collectors, and communities to curate collectibles with strong stories behind them. Besides tangible items, we will also curate exclusive experiences, for example, a dinner experience with a celebrity. Unlike a regular marketplace with just short descriptions, we will brand up the product itself and tell the story that it deserves because we believe every product has a soul.

Website: https://monkeybids.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/monkeybids_ Medium: https://medium.com/@monkeybids Telegram: https://t.me/monkeybids

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