World's first ever cross-chain breeding!

Breeding is one of the methods to mint a Gen 3. By partnering a Gen 1 and Gen 2 with a Magic Peach NFT, you can mint a Gen 3 instantaneously! This process can be done up to two times depending on the breeding availability of each Gen 1 & 2 monkey.

The amazing thing is while Gen 1 and 2s exist on the Solana blockchain, Gen 3s will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. Talk about the process being revolutionary!

Breeding is closed on 27 February 2023 when the Genesis Collection migrates to Ethereum. The final collection size for Monkey Legends are fixed at 7000.

Learn more about the entire process below:

Get a complete overview of the breeding process here.

Learn how to breed here.

Too Hot to Handle was the first ever virtual NFT dating event held on our Discord in February 2022. It helped those who had only a single Gen 1 or 2 find a partner for breeding.

Find out more here.

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