Earn $PEACH through staking
Staking is available for the Genesis Collection.
  • Monkey Kingdom (Gen 1) earns 20 PEACH a day
  • Diamond Baepes (Gen 2) earns 10 PEACH a day
  • No minimum or maximum lockup period
  • ​PEACH accumulates exactly every 24 hours from the time you staked
Stake your Wukongs or Baepes in the Genesis Club today!

How to Stake

Step 1: Visit our staking page.
Step 2: Connect the Ethereum (Metamask) wallet which you hold your Gen 1s and Gen 2s/ The wallet will also be receiving $PEACH when you claim it later.
Step 2 Connect Wallet
Step 3: Select the monkeys you would like to stake, or simply click <Stake'Em All>.
Step 3 Select Monkeys & Stake
Step 4: Confirm the transaction in Metamask. Note that we are using non-custodial staking, yet once staked, your NFTs are locked and you won't be able to sell or transfer them.
Step 4 Confirm Transaction
Step 5: Once staked, the screen will show up as below. You may claim the $PEACH rewards after by clicking the <Claim> button.

How To Claim Your PEACH

Step 1: Visit our staking page.
Step 2: Connect your Metamask wallet address which you used for staking (above).
Step 3: Click on <Claim>.
Do not claim if you have 0 balance! Otherwise an empty transaction will be generated and gas fee will be charged once approved.
Step 3 Claim
Step 4: (To be done only once) For your Metamask wallet to display PEACH correctly under its assets, you need to import the token address. Simply click on the icon shown in the image below.
Step 4
Step 5: Spend your PEACH!
Step 5
The below staking applies to the Solana collections only and is deprecated. Since 27 February 2023, staking for Genesis Collection has migrated to Ethereum and will adopt a new staking (to be updated).

How To Stake (Deprecated - Solana Version)

Step 1: Visit our staking page.
Step 2: Connect the Solana (Phantom or Solflare) wallet which contains your Gen 1 or 2 NFT.
Step 3: Connect the Ethereum (Metamask) wallet which you would like your PEACH to be withdrawn to.
Step 4: Click <Stake'Em All>.
Step 4 Stake them all!
Step 5: Approve the Phantom or Solflare transaction.
Step 5 Approve Solana transaction
Step 6: Approve the MetaMask transaction.
Step 6 Approve Ethereum transaction
How to Stake Instructional Video