🎯Vision and Values

Our Vision

The core mission of Monkey Kingdom is to bring culture and Web 3.0 art to mainstream audiences, and represent Asian communities.

Unite and Connect

We are exceptionally proud of the tightly knit and passionate community that has chosen to grow with us. While initially starting out as a uniquely Asian focused project and drawing endorsements mainly from East Asia, the project has grown to become internationally renowned. As a result, we not only managed to unite Asians living across various parts of the world, but also built a community that consists of members from many countries and diverse backgrounds.

Monkey Kingdom will always bring new experiences and exclusive access to its community by never forgetting its core mission and constantly innovating to bridge the gap between the physical world and the metaverse. As we continue to develop the project, we aim to bridge this gap in the form of merchandise, exhibitions, and physical events.

Our Values

Giving Back to the Community

Monkey Kingdom prides itself on giving back to its community. During the Lunar New Year of 2022, Magic Peach NFTs were airdropped to our Genesis holders to prepare them for breeding. We also organized the first virtual-reality dating show Too Hot to Handle for our community who wanted to breed but only possessed a single monkey.

Other utilities include cross-chain staking of Gen 1 & 2 to earn PEACH, an ERC-20 token. PEACH has a variety of uses, including redeeming whitelist spots for partner projects, exchanging for limited edition merchandise and more.

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