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Too Hot to Handle

Monkey Kingdom's first ever virtual dating event


Those who had only either a single Gen 1 or Gen 2 may have felt disadvantaged by the breeding mechanic and we wanted to give them a fair and equal chance in participating. This was the fundamental premise behind organising the Too Hot to Handle event. - awkwardalz
Too Hot to Handle was our first ever virtual dating event held on our Discord in February 2022. This community event helped our holders with only a single Gen 1 or 2 find a partner for breeding. Two holders that mutually matched with one another will have had both their Gen 1 & 2 breeding quota used. In return, they both received a Gen 3 each for their participation.
On the shores of paradise in the Kingdom, gorgeous singles meet and mingle. Single Wukongs and Diamond Baepes who have found their partners during the 4-week event will get to breed the next generation of Wukongs. The first ever virtual dating show in the NFT space, brought to you by Monkey Kingdom!

How did it all play out?

Too Hot to Handle Event Schedule
  • There were a total of two Seasons, and within each Season there were two Rounds that lasted for a week each.
  • Participants that entered their single Wukong or Diamond Baepe into the event were given special roles on Discord. This allowed them to participate in social activities and fun speed-dating games!
  • At any point of time during a Season, participants had the choice of entering the NFT ID of their crush on the Too Hot to Handle site.
  • At the end of each Round, any mutual matches between a Wukong and Diamond Baepe were recorded and announced on our Discord.
  • Participants were allowed to change their mind and select a different partner at any time before a Season ends (each Season consisted of two Rounds). However, the matching results at the end of a Season were final.
  • At the end of each Season, Wukongs and Diamond Baepes who have matched with one another were allowed to breed, and they each received one Gen 3.
A monkey that has previously been matched in our Too Hot to Handle event