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Defend the Kingdom

Epic tower-defence mobile game available on iOS and Android
Defend the Kingdom - Official Trailer
Defend the Kingdom just completed its Alpha Testing stage and may not be available for download. Stay tuned for more updates!


​Defend the Kingdom is Kingdomverse's first mobile game available on iOS and Android. Players select 5 out of 48 Monkey Legend Heroes and bring them into an epic tower-defence battle. They can either choose to play the game in PvP (Player-versus-Player) or Co-op (Cooperative) mode.
The once peaceful Monkey Kingdom has taken to arms against a vicious army that is bringing chaos and destruction to their realm!
It's time to gather your units and lead your Monkey Legend Heroes into battle against the Demon Empire. Build, strategize and outwit your opponents to restore peace to The Kingdom.


The objective of the game is to survive waves of enemies and prevent them from reaching the base crystal.
  • Every player starts with a fixed amount of SP, and SP is consumed to randomly spawn a Monkey Legend hero.
  • Killing monsters give you SP.
  • Spawning 2 Monkey Legend heroes of the same power-rating gives you the option of combining them into a more powerful Monkey Legend.
  • You can spend SP to selectively upgrade the powers of your Monkey Legends which could grant them increased attack damage, attack speed, or special abilities.
  • There are 5 types of bosses, each with their own unique abilities.
  • You gain PvP or Co-op tokens when you win battles. These tokens could prove to be very useful in the future!

PvP Mode

In PvP mode, the first player who loses all 3 lives when enemies touch their base crystal loses the battle.
  • When a boss touches the base crystal, 2 lives are lost.
  • Waves alternate between normal and boss waves.
  • Normal waves last 120 seconds.
  • You gain and lose trophies when you win or lose. These determine your ranking on the ladderboards.

Co-op Mode

In Co-op mode, both players work together to try to defend a common base crystal.
  • Both players lose when a single enemy touches the base crystal.
  • Bosses appear every 10 waves.

Closed Alpha Launch

An Alpha Test was conducted between 15 Aug 2022 and 22 Aug 2022. As a promotional campaign, a week before the test all Monkey Legends appeared to be jailed. Everyone was curious about what was happening and frantically discussed how to free their monkeys from jail. It was later revealed that their monkeys were only able to jailbreak after downloading the game and successfully connecting the wallet to our Defend the Kingdom website.
Monkey Legends jailed a week before the Alpha Test
Our Instagram and Twitter pages also appeared to be 'hijacked' by the antagonist Bull Demon King. All Instagram posts disappeared, leaving behind only a SOS audio message. Following which, details of the game were released every other day on our socials.
The 'hijacked' Instagram page during the marketing campaign of Defend the Kingdom
To commemorate the success of the Alpha Launch, a competition was held to reward the best PvP and Co-Op players. Grand prizes included Metaverse Land, rare armours for the player's Monkey Legend NFTs, AMBUSH the Kingdom hoodies, and many more.


The overall feedback from players who participated in the Alpha Launch was very positive. During the testing phase, players were constantly discussing different strategies and exchanging ideas to improve their scores. The Monkey Kingdom and Kingdomverse teams were then able to collect useful feedback and suggestions for the upcoming Beta Launch.
Astoundingly, the top two positions of the PvP mode went right down to the wire in this seven-day competition. @josephgermani.eth eventually became the winner after a 40-hour non-stop battle. Below is a tweet shared by Joseph on his gruelling journey to Defend the Kingdom:
Tweet by the 1st place winner of PvP mode

Winners of the Alpha Launch contest:

Top 30 PvP Winners
Top 10 Co-Op Winners

Open Alpha Launch x Tokyo Game Show

The heroes from Defend The Kingdom is back for another round of Alpha battle in conjunction with Tokyo Game Show. It ran from 15th to 24th September 2022. Overall improvements with several bug fixes was deployed to the game from feedbacks and results from previous round.
As this Alpha is an Open Alpha, there was a wave of new players battling against each other with the previous Alpha players. After an intense 10 days of Defending The Kingdom, Top 10 players in the PvP Mode was rewarded.
Grand Prizes included Metaverse Land and Monkey Legends NFTs.
The previous champion, @josephgermani.eth took the crown for the second time making him, Defend The Kingdom’s Two Time Champion.
Top 10 winners of Defend the Kingdom open alpha
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