Monkey Kingdom's very first fashion collaboration

Who is Ambush?

AMBUSH is a contemporary fashion brand founded by Korean-American designer Yoon Ahn. Originated as an experimental jewellery line, put due to the surge in popularity, it has now evolved into a global fashion brand that has collaborated with many notable brands in the fashion industry including Nike, Bvlgari, CONVERSE and Rimowa.

AMBUSH the Kingdom

Monkey Kingdom has collaborated with AMBUSH to launch an exclusive fashion collection dubbed "AMBUSH The Kingdom". Which features both Monkey Kingdom and AMBUSH's logos on all its apparel.

The first apparel, released in May 2022, was a T-shirt that was made available to both Monkey Kingdom and AMBUSH NFT holders.

Following the T-shirt the Ambush the Kingdom hoodie was then released on the 25th July 2022, giving a simplistic yet eye catching design.

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