🎰Breeding Machine

Before you start breeding, do you still remember the breeding formula? Make sure you have an unbred Gen 1 & Gen 2 and also a Magic Peach NFT. If you forgot about the process, reread it here.

How To Breed?

Step 1: Visit the breeding page here.

Step 2: Connect the Solana (Phantom or Solflare) wallet which contains your unbred Gen 1 and 2 NFTs.

Step 3: Connect the Ethereum (Metamask) wallet which you would like your Gen 3 to be minted to.

You need to connect your Metamask wallet because your Gen 3 exists on the Ethereum blockchain!

Step 4: Click on the Select button below Wukong.

The breeding machine will then scour for the Gen 1s in your Solana wallet and identify those that are available for breeding. Their breeding quota will be displayed at the top right corner of each NFT. For example in the image below, Monkey Kingdom #462 has used up 1 breeding slot and still has 1 breeding slot available.

Next, select the Wukong that you wish to use in breeding.

Step 5: Click on the Select button below Baepes.

The image below shows that this particular wallet has three Diamond Baepes available for breeding. Diamond Baepe #513 and #2855 both have two slots to breed whereas Diamond Baepe #854 only has one slot.

Select the Diamond Baepe that you wish to use in breeding.

Step 6: Click on the Select button below Peach.

Remember that each Magic Peach can only be used once, and that the 'Unity' or 'Faith' trait of that particular peach will determine your Gen 3's gender.

Select the Magic Peach that you wish to use in breeding.

Step 7: After you've selected both monkeys and a Magic Peach, hit <Step 1: Burn Peach>. You will then be prompted to sign a message on your Solana wallet.

Step 8: Approve the transaction to transfer and burn the Magic Peach in your wallet.

Step 9: Your monkeys are then sent to the Departure Lounge. Click <Step 2: Breed>.

Step 10: Approve both transactions that appear from your Solana and Ethereum wallet.

Step 11: Tada! Your Monkey Legend is now born but unrevealed. You can find it in your Metamask wallet, or under the Profile page in Opensea. Your Monkey Legend will eventually reveal itself on a Friday every two weeks. Be patient to meet your Monkey Legend!

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