🤝NFTU Alliance

Monkey Kingdom's partnership with Dappio and Sovana

In May 2022, Monkey Kingdom entered into the NFTU alliance, joining forces with Solana projects Dappio and Sovana to give our holders expanded staking capabilities and perks.


NFTU is a SPL token designed to integrate unique NFT projects and collectively build around a sustainable NFT currency where earning and spending your collected rewards is just as easy!

Uses of NFTU

Staking for NFTU

Gen 1 & 2 holders will be able to stake their monkeys with Dappio to earn NFTU. Each NFT staked will earn 10 NFTU/day.

Stake your monkey for PEACH first before staking for NFTU and you can earn both PEACH and NFTU concurrently!

Step 1: Visit Dappio's staking site.

Step 2: Connect your Solana wallet.

Step 3: Click on the Monkey Kingdom tab.

Step 4: Select up to three Gen 1 or 2 NFTs you wish to stake.

Step 5: Click <Stake All>.

Step 5: Wait and click on <Claim> to claim your NFTU!

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