Migration to Ethereum

Migration is open for the Genesis holders during 27 February - 15 March 2023. Holders would be able to migrate their Gen 1 and Gen 2 monkeys from Solana to Ethereum through the migration portal.

Before you Migrate

Make sure you have unstaked your monkeys at Dappio. There is no need to claim or unstake at Genesis Club, once you restake your monkeys after migration, the unclaimed $PEACH will go to your original ETH wallet that you staked your SOL monkeys with.

How To Migrate?

Step 1: Visit the migration portal here.

Step 2: Connect the Solana (Phantom or Solflare) wallet which contains your Gen 1 and 2 NFTs.

Step 3: Connect the Ethereum (Metamask) wallet which you would like your monkeys to be minted to.

Step 4: Select the Wukongs and/or Diamond Baepes you want to migrate.

The migration portal will then look for the Gen 1s and Gen 2s in your Solana wallet. Select the ones you would like to migrate, or simply click "Select all" to select all Wukongs and Baepes.

Remember which wallet you are connected to (both ETH and SOL), because the page will only function properly when you are connected to the correct wallets. If you don't see your monkeys in your SOL wallet, there is a chance that they are staked at Dappio. Unstake from Dappio and come back to continue.

Step 5: Approve the transaction in your Solana wallet. You may be prompted a few transactions if you have a lot of monkeys, due to Solana's limitation on 7 NFTs per tx. Your Solana NFTs wlil be burnt in this step.

Step 6: Wait for the transactions to be confirmed on Solana, and your monkeys will appear in the Departure Lounge. Click the "LFG" button and confirm the transaction in your Ethereum wallet.

If the monkeys do not show up in the departure lounge, refresh the page. If they still don't show up after some time, check again if you connected to the right wallets. Otherwise, this might be due to the Solana RPC network issue. Open a support ticket on Discord and tell us your SOL and ETH wallet address.

Tada! Your Monkeys are now on Ethereum! You will now be able to:

  1. Visit your monkeys on Opensea

  2. Re-stake your monkeys at Genesis Club for $PEACH rewards

  3. Tweet about your migration and get a chance to win 5000 $PEACH

  4. Submit your Bitcoin Ordinals wallet to claim your Ordinals monkey with 5000 $PEACH in the future!

  5. Reverify holders roles on our Discord! Remember to do so as we will be checking the new ETH holders roles at Genesis Club.


Migration site doesn't work on Mobile?

Yes, make sure you visit the site with a desktop. Currently mobile wallets don't support multi-chain connection to sites.

My Monkeys don't show up in the wallet

  1. Make sure you connect both SOL and ETH wallets

  2. Make sure you have unstaked from Dappio

Departure lounge wait time is too long

  1. Click the refresh button, the monkeys should appear and don't worry about losing it. If after a few minutes they still don't show up, open a support ticket.

  2. You must connect to the same ETH wallet when you burn the SOL monkey. To check, go to the solana solscan tx and look into the program log at the bottom. It will say something like > Program log: MK#<HASH> Migrated to <ETH WALLET>!!!! and this is the eth wallet binded to the burnt SOL monkey. (Example) Note that MK# in the Program log should be ignored. Only check the mint hash after. Diamond Baepe also displays as MK.

Staking with ledger - Ledger has no response

  1. You must turn on blind signing

  2. Check if you have updated to the latest ledger firmware and solana app.

Where does my unclaimed peach go?

Holders only need to unstake from Dappio. Need not to do anything at Genesis Club before migration. Only go to restake after migration. The unclaimed $PEACH from the previous staking is sent to the orginal wallet that you have staked your monkeys with. Confirmed no problem here. Check:

  1. Whether you have completed the migration

  2. Whether you have restaked

  3. Whether you have checked the previous ETH wallet that you staked your SOL monkeys with

  4. Whether you have added PEACH contract address to Metamask

Everything was correct but my Monkey didn't show up in Departure lounge after burnt

This should be a Solana RPC network problem, open a support ticket and provide your SOL tx with monkeys burnt.

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