💳Genesis Club

The utility platform for auctions and redemptions, with our native currency $PEACH.

Many of the features found within the Genesis Club are made available only to holders of our Genesis Collection. Join us and gain exclusive access to everything that the club has to offer!

Stake For PEACH

Stake your Gen 1s and 2s for PEACH here.

Auction House

A variety of coveted items are put up on auction here. These include:

  • Exclusive whitelist spots

  • NFTs

  • Physical products

  • Unique experiences

Peach Store

Visit the Peach Store to redeem:

  • Exclusive whitelist spots

  • NFTs held in our treasury

  • Exclusive Monkey Kingdom merch

  • The ability to evolve your monkeys

  • and many more...

Boutique - Coming Soon

Dress up Your Wukong

Coming soon!

Twitter Banner Customizer

Coming soon!

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